The word « high imitation » is not unfamiliar to everyone. In our daily days, we are filled with all kinds of high imitation goods, what clothes and shoes, high-end luxury goods are readily available. As a kind of object that people are paying more attention to, the watch naturally cannot escape the « destiny » of high imitation.

In daily life, you will find that high imitation watches are everywhere, and the advertisements on the Internet are all raised.

Why is the high imitation market so huge?

The first situation is that the use of counterfeit goods is very good, and the price difference between real and fake goods is large. This spread is often due to the huge added value of the intellectual property, perhaps the implementation of fees. Among the fakes that are inspected globally every year, brands such as Rolex and Ray-Ban are among the best.

In the second case, the potential use of this type of counterfeit is less dangerous to the customer. Such as the product you wear, not the medicine you eat in your stomach. Customers of food and drugs are generally afraid to buy fake goods.

In the third situation, there is no way to purchase real goods. For example, Rolex’s water ghosts, shopping malls seeking too much supply, the general public can not buy real goods, can only use fake goods instead.

Everyone wants to start an affordable, cost-effective watch, and this idea is certainly not wrong. It is important to know that in recent years, following the impact of the global economy, “sluggish hipsters” has become a popular world language, used in the global fashion center, detailed depicting a limited budget, but still seeking fashionable people.

So is the high imitation watch worth buying?

The primary specification for high-imitation watches is that the case is very demanding, and they are all laser-modeled with the 1:1 computer laser. In general, this kind of imitation mold making is first-class, and the equipment that can develop such a case is at least 1 million. This kind of case is not produced by ordinary small factories.

However, the drawback is that there are not many manufacturers that can produce such watches, and the types of watches are not very rich. Because of the high cost of opening each type of case, it is generally a very popular style to open the mold. The watch factory will not develop new styles at will. Although the selection was small, the quality was ensured.

Summary: Some people say that wearing fake watches is vain, others are not convinced, and the evaluation of fake watches is mixed. I hope that everyone can play the game in the beginning, of course, everyone has their own ideas, seeking common ground while reserving differences, mutual respect~~~